Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Muslim Identity

I start with the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most gracious and I ask Allah to give salutations and blessings to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions and those who follow Him.
With Islam being questioned everywhere, many are trying to find the bad in it rather than accept the good which is present in front of them. Muslims in this era are portraying an image of a non-believer and are actually running away from what the believer is supposed to do. The Muslim Identity is far great and is something which although not followed, if followed will show a greater and deeper meaning of Islam and how Allah has made rules and regulations for us.
Practicing Hayaa’ helps promote your Muslim Identity and it shows others (believers and non-believers) how great of a religion Islam is and how great and blissful it will make your life. The people who practice Islam well, Hayaa’  show through their behaviour and actions. Hayaa’ has a deeper and greater meaning, Hayaa’ is basically a combination of good manners and deeds which are practiced by a person who has a good character in his society and more importantly his mind.
In a much broader perspective, Hayaa’ makes a person more shameful and responsible in whatever he do and says.
Affliction caused by the tongue is worse than that caused by the strike of the blade of a sword (Prophet Muhammed s.a.w).
Observing proper dress code is very important in Islam, it doesn’t only include the dress, rather a set of other much more important manners which help promote a good character. Covering the awrah is just part of Hayaa,  but  men lower their gaze is far more important and Hayaaful.
Lower your eyes and you will see wonders. (Prophet Muhammed s.a.w)
Now I ask the question, do you practice Hayaa’ ? Do you follow the rules and regulations that Allah Has set? Many only question these rules without knowing the deeper meaning within what Allah has planned. Even if your answer was no, that doesn’t mean you will go to hell, take some time and ask yourself if how you are leading your life is right or wrong. See it from the prospective, will Allah be pleased with me when I am judged, should I do this to deserve Jahanam.
Your Muslim Identity will be revealed once you practice Taqwa, being conscience and wary of Allah and knowing that if you sin or follow the urges of your desires, what the outcome will.
Right now the very word we use to start our salah is thought to be a bomb trigger, we can improve our Muslim Identity and prove it wrong to those people who think bad of our religion, but most importantly please our Lord and perhaps enter Jannah Inshaa’ Allah. May Allah provide for us blessings and guidance. Ameen!
M.Faiqh  9B3

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